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Minnesota Slip, Trip, or Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall accidents is a general category of case which includes slipping, tripping or falling as a result of  a dangerous condition on another's property. Living in Minnesota, we are all too familiar with ice and snow, but these types of accidents include so much more. These types of accidents can occur inside or outside and include situations such as:

  • Wet or slippery floors at a home or business;

  • Poorly lit rooms;

  • Unmaintained snow or ice;

  • Unmaintained sidewalks or entryways; or

  • Dangerous conditions that the property owner knew about and did not repair.

These types of accidents can result in serious injuries to the people who fall, including broken bones, back or neck injuries, or head injuries. Because each case is unique, don't wait until it is too late to get the help you deserve. Call John today for a free consultation.